Ideas and strategy

Innovative, interactive and practical approach

Creativity runs through all the phases of the production process of the projects, always open to new ideas and approaches, aiming a stronger connection with users.

We come up constantly with new formats, adapting the existing ones based on the data obtained from the analytics.

Creative Dynamics

Our secret ingredients: Look for new trends, identify interests and necessities, embedding the values and steam creativity


They have their own goals and necessities. They believe on quality content to broadcast them.


Audience: Starves dynamic, entertaining contents that users are not only willing to watch or read, but also share.

Here is where both parts come together, now the fun begins!


Users, schedules, devices, types of formats, Social Media, publications


Project design: when, how, what we do, for what, for who.


Relevant, entertaining and interesting content


We make it easier and improve USER's life. Prototypes and testing.


Interaction design, creative concepts and ideas, with a coherent and functional design


We take into account web design, coding and key words that represent each of the content best

Content production

Now it's finally time for recording, editing, listing, picture galleries. whatever is needed on each case

Social Media

Specific strategy for each of the social platforms


This is everyone's favourite moment!!! Yo don't enjoy it as much before and after it ;-)


It is time to grow, get the ball rolling in order to improve from the very beginning

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